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A Modeling Hierarchy

Yet another thought provoking post by Mike Cougill on the OST blog.  Here he focusses on how to compose the scenes on our model railways, and how there might be a “hierarchy” of detail in our modelling.  He introduces the … Continue reading

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ESNG meeting – 15 November 2017

A busy night with plenty of trains on the move – aided by Sean and Martin bringing a lot of stock to run.  It was UK and Europe night – even Paul was running Continental stock, and the American trains … Continue reading

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Signal failure!

As we get close to Stuttgart, the lounge is full of railway – I couldn’t be bothered to lug it all up to the loft just to bring it back down on Monday.  All is prepared….  we hope!  I’ve even … Continue reading

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ESNG meeting – PlayDay 12 November 2017

Another railway session on Sunday with our scheduled PlayDay.  We had two layouts on the go.  In the background, we have the usual circuit, largely monopolised by Simon and Graham’s American passenger trains. In the foreground, we put together (again) … Continue reading

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Rosamund Street (Low Level) Sidings

Came across Rosamund Street on RMWeb.  Only 5′ long in 4mm scale (plus sector plate and fiddleyard, but a very attractive design.  It also contains the classic ‘Inglenook’ shunting puzzle.  The builder describes the concept: As a trainspotter in the … Continue reading

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Modeling For Introverts

Another portion of wisdom from Mike Cougill: If model railroading is supposed to be so much fun, I wasn’t having any. When I took up it again in the 1990s, I started filling my basement with multiple layouts that snaked … Continue reading

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West Sussex N Gauge MRC : 4-5 November 2017 #2

Sunday morning, Mr Dawes’ milkman’s nose again tracked down some bacon and eggs – this time at the ‘Portuguese Grill’ in Littlehampton town centre.  Then it was off to play trains again.  The advantage of a two day show is … Continue reading

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