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Canals, spies & politics – the Crossrails that weren’t built

A very interesting article from the Ianvisits blog.  Crossrail under London is nothing new….. 018 will be the year that Crossrail is completed, and the Elizabeth line is born, yet it could have looked ever so different had previous plans … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! – And on my workbench #3

A Happy New Year to all our readers!  It’s unlikely to be a prosperous one, but wishing you many hours of happy modelling. I was able to spend a number of hours in the railway room over Christmas, slaving over … Continue reading

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2017 in hindsight

At the end 0f 2017, it’s worth a look back and see where my hobby has taken me. It’s been a year of exhibitions.  I’ve visited more model railway shows than in recent years.  Most have been very good, and … Continue reading

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A few post Christmas links

A little light reading after that heavy Christmas luncheon.  (I think mine is just wearing off….) The BBC recently had two interesting articles on railway stations ‘worth lingering at’ – stations often with few trains, but lots of other interest. … Continue reading

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On my workbench #2

As Christmas approached, I found the time to tidy up the railway room, and have made a list of projects and tasks for the weeks and months ahead.  Some might be considered as overambitious….. But as a simple warmup exercise, … Continue reading

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Christmas greetings

Well it’s almost here….  Weeks of manic consumerism culminate in a final spending frenzy.  “Pete 75C” commented on RMWeb…. I thought I’d pop into Tesco at 07:30 to avoid the rush and get a few last minute bits. Good GRIEF. … Continue reading

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ESNG meeting – 20 December 2017

‘Twas the night before Christmas…..  Well almost, and 11 gentlemen escaped for the evening to regain their sanity, run a few trains and eat Miles’ Christmas cake. And it wouldn’t be Christmas without Paul running his Santa Special….. Derek was … Continue reading

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